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Bindi had a small, but beautiful litter of 2 black females and 1 black male with BISS CH Pipestone Special K, "Kurtis" on October 22nd. All puppies are spoken for at this time.
Topaz 3 months head
Velma pups with stick 2
Cougar age 10 001
Photo by Becky Underwood
Cougar, AM/CAN CH Millmar's Windswept Patriot, CDX, CAN CD, WC, CGC
Spirit 6 months on fence
Stones and dogs 011
My story in labradors began in 1990 when our family brought home a black male puppy we named Argus. Argus and I had a learning relationship from the very start; that is, we learned together. He was a spectacularly smart dog and always wanted a job to do and picked things up so quickly. He earned his CD, CDX, and CGC rather easily. He was almost competition ready for a UD when he decided his body was not up to it anymore. I retired him, but in the meantime I had already purchased my first conformation Labrador puppy from June Miller of Millmar Labradors. June had a gorgeous black litter out of her Suzanne, CH Millmar's Magic Sunbeam(BOS at Westminster 1995) x CH Windfall's Highlander, Conner. We named our puppy Cougar. Out of that litter June finished 4; 2 dogs and 2 bitches. It was a spectacular litter and I am forever greatful for her trusting me.
Cougar was to become AM/CAN CH Millmar's Windswept Patriot, CD, CDX, CAN CD, CGC, WC. Cougar was a real beauty. I entered him in various matches, so I could get my feet wet in the conformation ring. Cougar got going and never stopped being successful no matter what I did with him. He will forever have the most influence on the breeding decisions I make. When I think of how I want my Labradors to look, act, or perform I think of him. He could do anything that was asked of him. He played defense at our girls' soccer practices! He was the ultimate party animal when we had backyard barbecues. He was truly a once in a lifetime dog and he had no enemies, or ever picked a fight with another dog. Cougar was bred to a CH Tabatha's Drifter daughter I co-owned and that is where my breeding history began. From that breeding I kept a black bitch. Morgan exemplified all the good traits her parents gave her. She lived a healthy, full life of 15 plus years as a loving companion to us, fabulous puppy raiser and grandmother to all our litters.

I do not breed often and I try to choose wisely as I strive to improve my line with each breeding. I have many happy owners to assure me that I have made some good choices. My main focus is the conformation Labrador that can do it all; happy, smart, loveable, sound, athletic and handsome. Clearances are very paramount in my breeding program. All my dogs will have OFAs on both hips and elbows, Cerf yearly, PRA, EIC, HNPK, Dilute and heart clearances. I invite you to my home on the web. Enjoy!

Say no to silvers
This my own personal statement regarding the breeding of silver Labradors. Please do not copy, or download for your personal use as is defined by the copyright statement regarding text and pictures on each page of my website. I do not condone or endorse the breeding of an impure Labrador known as the "silver" Labrador. There are only 3 whole colors of Labrador retrievers and they are: black, yellow and chocolate, period. Anyone breeding dilutes, or silvers is not breeding a purebred Labrador. It is not surprising that "silvers" have strong characteristics of another breed entirely. The reason behind the silver trend was and is to produce something "unique" for the public to fall for, pay big bucks for, and believe that this is something really cool. Well, it's not!!! It is damaging our lovely breed and infiltrating some very good bloodlines. Please do NOT buy into this color and be brainwashed that you are buying a beautiful and correct Labrador. Do your research and ask for guidance and do not give these breeders what they want most...your $$$! 

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